Rasmus Munk

Rasmus Munk


Rasmus Munk was born in 1991 in the town of Randers in Jutland, Denmark. His career took off when he was 22 and became Head Chef at TreeTop in Vejle. There, he started combining ingredients, textures, and flavors in new ways. That ultimately led to the opening of the first Alchemist in Copenhagen in 2015.

In 2019, after two years of preparation, a new incarnation of Alchemist opened in an old shipyard in the industrial district of Refshaleøen. Here Munk could fulfill his dream and vision of “Holistic Cuisine”. Inside the 22.000 square feet restaurant, a menu of 45–50 edible impressions is augmented by performers, installations, and the architecture itself. 

The Experience

The heart of the restaurant consists of a gigantic planetarium dome where guests dine surrounded by artful projections creating and enhancing moods and messages, from an indoor rendition of the aurora borealis to jellyfish floating calmly among plastic bags. Art and performance also augment the dining experience and further enhance Munk’s thought-provoking, surprising, and humoristic gastronomy – often orchestrated to initiate and support the debate on social and ethical issues.

The Alchemist experience consists of up to 50 impressions. During the evening, you will be guided on a parallel journey through Alchemist’s unique physical spaces and your own senses.

Redefining Dining

“In the same way as the ancient alchemists sought to fuse philosophy, natural science, religion, and the arts to create a new understanding of the world order, the aim of Holistic Cuisine is to redefine and broaden our understanding of the concept of dining.”

Rasmus Munk

Holistic dining by definition has many layers. It draws upon elements from the world of gastronomy, theatre, and art, as well as science, technology, and design, in order to create an all-encompassing and dramaturgically driven sensory experience.

Flavor, high-quality ingredients, skillful preparation, and the process of eating form the foundation. However, Rasmus Munk have designed this experience to extend beyond the plate, seeping into both the immediate physical surroundings as well as transcending time and space.

Instagram: @restaurantalchemist  @rasmusmunkalchemist
Restaurant web site: https://alchemist.dk/
Restaurant address: Alchemist, Refshalevej 173C, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark

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