Wilson Alonzo

Wilson Alonzo


Deeply in love with his native Yucatán, Wilson Alonzo is a young individual who ventures into culinary research. His primary goal is to contribute to the preservation of the gastronomy of his region through teaching and learning methods. His work as a researcher has played a significant role in the documentation and interpretation of recipes of Maya origin, grounded in ethnographic research methods.

Wilson Alonzo is the driving force behind the Yucatecan regional cooking workshop at the Technological University of the West in Maxcanú. His love for his gastronomy, the commitment, and respect he holds for his region have positioned him as one of the leading advocates of its cuisine. He collaborates with the anthropology faculty of UADY in experimental anthropology activities and faithfully interprets the traditional cuisine of Yucatán passed down from the skilled hands of past cooks. He is a crucial figure in the quest to understand and academically study Peninsular cuisine.

Currently, he is developing the Ya’axche Ethnogastronomic Complex in the municipality of Halachó. Chef Wilson Alonzo undertakes academic journeys across the country to promote Yucatán cuisine through workshops and conferences, advocating for culinary tourism and the techniques of his state in cities like Paris, London, Madrid, and Barcelona.

Instagram: @chefwilsonalonzo @y.aaxche
Restaurant address: Ya’axche, Halachó, municipio de Yucatán, México.

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