Ariette Matser

Wageningen University & Research

Expertise leader Food Processing Technology at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

She studied Food Science at Wageningen University.

Her main research focus is on sustainable food processing, including mild preservation, mild separation and resource efficient processing. Her activities include project acquisition and coordination of national and international projects. She coordinated Public Private Partnership project on Mild preservation of food products including e.g. high-pressure pasteurization and sterilization, pulsed electric field processing, cold plasma and advanced heating technologies. She is now the project coordinator of Plant Meat Matters, a Public Private Partnership that builds the required scientific basis to understand the structuring process of meat analogues while including flavour components, fat and other ingredients. Together with industrial partners that span the entire vegetable protein chain and Wageningen University and Wageningen Research, this basis will be used to further develop technologies for making the next generation of consumer-accepted meat analogues with improved characteristics that can be produced more cost-effectively and will have reduced environmental impact compared to meat analogues currently available on the market.