Gonzalo Aramburu - New Candidates 2022
Gonzalo Aramburu – New Candidates 2022

Gonzalo Aramburu


Considered one of the best chefs in the country, Gonzalo Aramburu has worked in the kitchens of great chefs like Martín Berasategui, Daniel Boulud, and Charlie Trotter, and it was through their training, and his own imaginative creativity that his dishes have a dreamlike quality about them. His precise culinary techniques that ensures complete control of cooking and his artistic, intricate presentation of the plates makes each course unique and one of a kind.

Exotic and creative use of local ingredients

On his return to the country in 2006 he opened his own place, Aramburu, which became one of the best restaurants in Argentina. With its menu proposal by steps, the place transcended borders and was filled with good reviews.Today the restaurant is an obligatory stop for all gastronomy lovers and Gonzalo built up a loyal public that comes to his domain, in the Monserrat neighborhood. The chef is known for its exotic and creative use of local ingredients.

“When I started this it was a very small thing with only three people working. At that time the Montserrat neighborhood was promising (there was Paul Likan, Fred and Fahler, Alejandro Vigil with his wines) and what emerged was the result of many I wanted to have my space. It was thanks to the sale of a car and my old man, who helped me buy things. We opened it with very little, imagine, in those days I paid 500 pesos for the rent of the place!”, Gonzalo recalls . “And although not many people came at first, word of mouth was essential.”

Latin American culture across the dishes

Aramburu truly captures the Latin American culture and cuisine across each one of the 12 or 17 course tasting menus. Each dish is prepared in an open-plan kitchen where the guests can witness the mastery at work. The dining in Aramburu is known for its exotic and creative use of local ingredients, and Gonzalo Aramburu’s cooking has truly defined new Argentinian cuisine.

Instagram: @arambururesto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aramburu.resto/
Restaurant web site: http://www.arambururesto.com.ar/
Restaurant address: Pasaje del Correo, Vicente López 1661, C1103ACY Buenos Aires, Argentina

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