Duan Yu

Duan Yu  - New Candidates 2022
Duan Yu – New Candidates 2022

Duan Yu

Poetry Wine

Duan Yu is a chef and owner of the Poetry Wine restaurant in Beijing. Chef Duan Yu trained in the kitchens of renowned hotels in Beijing, He has been the executive chef of the New World Beijing Hotel, the Rosewood Beijing Hotel and the Chinese restaurant of the Taifu Hotel before embarking on his personal adventure by opening his restaurant in the city where he grew up.

Famed for his signature contemporary Beijing dishes

In 2018, founded Beijing Shijiu Xinjing Cuisine, labelled with creative fusion and high-value dishes, and became a rising star in the catering industry. Today is a member of the World Culinary Federation, he is famed for his signature contemporary Beijing dishes.

After several experiences he decides to open his restaurant Poetry Wine in a former industrial building. In a place furnished with bamboo bush, jade ornaments, ink paintings and cut flowers the Chef offers his elaborate versions of traditional Beijing cuisine in a contemporary version with an excellent technique, its signature braised fish head is juicy and tender as it is perfectly braised in a deeply aromatic brown sauce, equally brilliant is the jasmine-scented roast duck with hand-made pancakes.

Restaurant: Poetry‧Wine
Restaurant address: 61 Dongsanhuan Middle Road, Beijing, China

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