Eric Kragh Vildgaard

Jordnær, Denmark

Eric Kragh Vildgaard worked in Denmark’s best restaurants, including Noma, Sollerod Kro and Almanak and now runs Restaurant Jordnær with his wife Tina.

Eric and Tina Kragh Vildgaard’s mission is to create a fully-fledged restaurant experience, where a high level of food and service goes hand in hand with a unique host. The guest should be able to sit back and enjoy the evening without having to decide on anything possible.

The restaurant’s name, Jordnær, might translate to “down to earth” but the level of gastronomy soars high. The sustainable Nordic kitchen is helmed by Noma veteran Eric Kragh Vildgaard, while the front of the house is hosted by his wife and restaurant manager, Tina. Together, they create an exciting farm-to-table dining experience with herbs from the surroundings and freshly caught fish from the Arresø lake nearby, served in the charming dining room located within the historic Gentofte Hotel.