#DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 2 – Chef Arnout Van Der Kolk, Restaurant C, Amsterdam

MY TEAM by Chef Arnout Van Der Kolk, Restaurant C, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I think for me, it’s really important that the joy and the passion is there in the kitchen. We can teach them all the techniques, but for me as the leader of the squad, it’s really important to really look at the person and look what this person needs to develop. So I don’t really have one style of leading a team. I think everybody is different and everybody needs a different approach. So you really need to look at the person and see how you can explore this person. And in this way, your team will grow and will get better and better”

Since the start of Restaurant C, 5 years ago, Arnout van der Kolk has been the Head Chef. He has been building on a big quest following, a strong flavors and a talented team around him.

Over this period, he also cooked on many national and international food events and he hosted some exceptional “culinary nights” at the restaurant as well. Before starting as Head Chef at C Restaurant, Arnout worked in different renewed restaurants. A very important period for him as a Chef was the time at the Restaurant Oud Sluis (*) were Arnout cooked as a Chef de partie and worked on various sections alongside many internationally acclaimed chefs like Sergio Herman, Nick Bril or Syrco Bakker. He developed a specific style of working and worked hardly on flavors and plating skills. Also the time as a Sous Chef in Restaurant Ciel Bleu (), where Arnout had worked for 5 years with Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman, was very important for his development especially in terms of leading a big kitchen organization.

In the future, Arnout’s aim is to get better every day in all aspects of the kitchen, the restaurant and in life in general.

Video in collaboration with Makro Netherlands


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