#DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 4 – Chefs Marleen & Jeroen Brouwer, Restaurant De Loohoeve, Schoonloo

SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY by Chef Marleen & Jeroen Brouwer, Restaurant De Loohoeve – Restaurant & Hotel, Schoonloo, The Netherlands

“We’re different than the rest because we are fresh, normal. Like simplicity is the key. We like to grow. Every day we think we need to do it better today than yesterday. We want to grow in our personality, in our restaurant, in our company. But also, of course we have an ambition for two Michelin stars; we want to be in the list, but that’s not the most important thing. We just want to grow our dishes, our restaurant, our team, tastes, flavors, personality, everything.”

The young talents: Marleen (1987) and Jeroen Brouwer (1990) worked in the kitchens of starred restaurants at home and abroad before conquering Drenthe. Marleen worked at De Librije in Zwolle, Jeroen at ‘t Schulten Hues in Zutphen and together they worked at Kobe Desramaults in In De Wulf, Belgium.

In their beautiful thatched farmhouse De Loohoeve in Schoonloo, they have been realizing their dream since 2014: spoiling guests with top-quality dishes in an accessible atmosphere.

Both are in the kitchen, where Marleen is responsible for bread and pastry, among other things. In addition, Marleen fulfills the role of host in the restaurant and together with Jeroen, they manage the 12-room hotel.

Video in collaboration with Makro Netherlands


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