#DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 6 – Chef Thomas Diepersloot, Restaurant Voltaire, Leersum

GOOD FOOD IS GOOD LIFE by Chef Thomas Diepersloot, Restaurant Voltaire, Leersum, The Netherlands

“The collaboration with me and Robert Poel, we know each other already from another restaurant but that is already like a 12 years ago. When we are off we always go out for dinner with my friends; good wine, good parties also sometimes. And also we enjoy life. Life is short and enjoy every second. I think food is life and passion is life and good food is good life.”

Parc Broekhuizen & Restaurant Voltaire is located within the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park in the Netherlands. The 1800s gastro-style building has been empty for over half a century before Parc Broekhuizen freshened up the site with a boutique design hotel and a restaurant. Today the site provides an ideal location where people can enjoy the atmosphere, great food in a gorgeous setting and have fun.

The boutique hotel, established in 2016, received the Best Design Hotel award for two consecutive years after its launch.

Thomas Diepersloot is the other half of the Parc Broekhuizen dream team.

Drawn to the exciting, adrenaline-filled environments of Michelin kitchens, Thomas Diepersloot now shares the helm of Voltaire with Robert Poel. His food is fresh and light, often incorporating Asian flavours and products. His culinary approach mirrors the philosophy of consultant chef Jacob Jan Boerma, using techniques that add a ‘wow factor’ to the creations.

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