Albert Adrià

Albert Adrià – New Candidates 2023

Albert Adrià


Albert Adrià was born in the Santa Eulalia neighbourhood of L’Hospitalet. His parents instilled in him an interest in everything to do with cooking, although it was his brother Ferran who sparked his passion for the culinary profession.

Talent and creativity.

In 1985, Albert discovered the world of work, abandoned his studies, and joined the team at elBulli. After a two-year apprenticeship in all the kitchen stations, he became especially interested in pastry. The pleasure of learning every day and having the opportunity to work in such a unique place as elBulli, stimulated Albert and his interest in his profession, an interest that would be bolstered over the years. Albert Adrià’s creative talents have allowed him to undertake consultancy projects and high-level collaborations.


Today Enigma is the only Albert Adrià restaurant in Spain, with an offer inspired by seasonal products and all the knowledge and experience that the chef has acquired in his more than 35 years of professional career.

The result is a varied and changing menu with around 25 preparations. Enigma is above all a seasonal restaurant, beyond the four seasons. The menu is created month by month following the seasonal cycle of the products that we find in the markets, to which we apply all the technical knowledge we have but always at the service of the product itself. 

“We seek not only the quality of the product but also the quality of the ideas.”

Instagram: @albert.adria.acosta @enigma_albertadria
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: C/ de Sepúlveda, 38-40, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

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