Andreas Caminada

Andreas Caminada

Schloss Schauenstein

The passion for cooking burned in Andreas Caminada from an early age. His invaluable experience working under the guidance of the best chefs in the world, and his unwavering determination resulted in a move to Schloss Schauenstein.

At the age of 26, Andreas Caminada took the position of tenant and chef in the historic castle restaurant, Schloss Schauenstein, located in the Swiss Domleschg Valley. Carefully restoring a 12th-century building was no easy task – Caminada wanted to keep the castle’s tradition alive while introducing a more modern setting for discerning visitors.

“The key difference is perhaps the variety of my meals. This is what people find most interesting. I like the versatility of cooking, and that hasn’t gone away, it remains a passion.”

Andreas Caminada

His food completes this unique mix, and using seasonal produce, he creates hearty cuisine with a delicate and refined touch. Andreas tries to intrigue and stimulate every sense, giving each element on the plate a specific role as a tribute to the palate. He has full respect for fresh ingredients, pure flavors, and vibrant colors.

Andrea’s food is a tangible metaphor for the trip to Schloss Schauenstein. A sensual road that leaves an indelible impression. Every dish is a celebration. His refined style can be compared to that of any postmodern artist. Andreas’s plates are masterpieces in themselves; infused with color, craftsmanship, and not to mention, taste.

Instagram: @andreas_caminada_schauenstein  @schloss_schauenstein
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Schloss Schauenstein Obergass 15, CH-7414 Fürstenau, Switzerland

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