Christian Bau

Christian Bau

Victor’s Fine Dining

Christian Bau has been the chef and host of VICTOR’S FINE DINING since 1998, when the restaurant was still called Victor’s Gourmet-Restaurant Schloss Berg. He learned the art of cooking from the excellent Harald Wohlfahrt.

Initially, Christian Bau impressed the world with his classic French cuisine. However, travel to distant Asia has changed a lot. Passionate and visionary, he was the first to combine French cuisine with Japanese influences. This is how he developed his unique style.

“Do something with passion or not at all”

Every day, with joy and passion, she stands by the stove – and this is a dedication that you can taste. Awarded and appreciated many times, he still infects with constant passion. As he says about himself, the basis of his work is uncompromising – “in the literal sense of the word: uncompromising! product quality with respect for the seasons and nature. . In the soy philosophy of cooking, he values traditions affecting all the senses.

 “Perfection is an unattainable goal – the satisfaction of guests is decisive. We work hard and gratefully for it.”

Christian Bau

The great individuality in haute cuisine.

The “bau style” is a unique way of expressing the entirety of Christian Bau’s philosophy and work. It’s not just a finished dish on a plate. It is a whole action from thought, through the selection of quality ingredients, performance technique, application, atmosphere. His style is not a humble combination of flavors, but an excellent game of contrasts. Deliberately emphasized and crowned by tableware – thus creating exciting disproportions for the symbiosis of products, culture and culinary arts of all continents.

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Restaurant address: Roman road 14, 66706 Perl-Nennig

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