Virgilio Martinez

Virgilio Martinez

Central Restaurante

Virgilio Martínez was born in Lima, the capital of Peru. His restless childhood and his mother’s artistic influence early on directed him to a culinary career. 

The love for peruvian ingredients

He studied at and received his certifications at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and London. During his formative years, he worked at well-known restaurants such as Lutèce (New York City) or Can Fabes (Sant Celoni). He also served as executive chef at Astrid & Gastón in both Bogotá and Madrid.

Being something of a nomad for more than ten years awoke in him an anxiety to return home and apply what he had learned. His return to his country marked a turning point in his style, a truly new beginning that inspired the creation of his own kitchen and his use of Peruvian ingredients.

Connecting people with nature

Virgilio Martinez is currently the chef and owner of Central Restaurante, his flagship place located in the Miraflores District, Lima, Peru. Here he establishes the principles that define him: a chef who respects Peruvian ingredients and their origin, who searches the various altitudes of Peruvian geography for various products that generate an even wider range of aromas and flavors, which for their inherent exoticness call for a deeper understanding.

“Conscious of our lack of connectivity, we wish to humbly take on the great challenge of discovering and, in some cases, rediscovering this beautiful country, replete with unique ingredients, landscapes, cultures, traditions, and history. Above all we wish to connect with the individuals who live here and convey their stories.”

Virgilio Martinez

Instagram: @virgiliocentral @centralrest
Restaurant website:
Restaurant address: Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco, Lima, Perú

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