#DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 5 – Chef Tim Golsteijn, Restaurant Bougainville, Amsterdam

THIS IS MY JOB by Chef Tim Golsteijn, Restaurant Bougainville, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“OK if I become a chef later, I want to be a little bit different – more open, more approachable. I want to be really part of the team. Not only standing above them and “Look at me, I’m the chef” – no, not at all. We have to do everything together; I can’t do it alone. It’s not that back in the days it was only like that, but there was a certain distance where you were a little bit afraid, or you didn’t dare to be creative and do your own thing.”

Tim Golsteijn is a head chef of Bougainville Restaurant in Amsterdam. Tim started his career as a chef de partie at his De Kruidfabriek restaurant in Ouder-Amstel.

Then, when he left Lute’s to run the pastry section at The Amstel Hotel, Tim discovered that pâtisserie is where his heart lies. 

He was also running the pastry section at The Dylan Hotel’s Vinkeles when it was awarded a Michelin star, and, after two years at another restaurant called Chef’s Table, he jumped at the chance to return to his love at The College Hotel.

His first role as a chef was at Parker’s restaurant at the Rosarium, promoted to the top position after a year as sous chef. Tim finally joined Bougainville, named after an island in Papua New Guinea, when it opened its doors in November 2017. He started as an executive chef for two Michelin-starred signature chef Pascal Jalhay, and took over the creative mantle six months later, when Pascal left to focus on his advisory business and R&D management role for frozen food group, Marfo.

Combining traditional French techniques and Dutch produce with ingredients and flavors from around the world – a nod to the country’s colonial legacy – the chef’s eclectically inspired menu draws inspiration from Asian, Middle Eastern and South American cuisines.

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