Arnaud Lallement

Arnaud Lallement always wanted to be a chef. From the earliest age, he would watch his father, Jean-Pierre, at the stoves in the kitchens of the family restaurant in Châlons-sur-Vesle. He it was who handed down to the young Arnaud all his passion and skill and who would guide his career.

At 18, with a Diploma from the Strasbourg Hotel & Catering College in his pocket, Arnaud went off to learn his trade alongside the great names in French cuisine, like Roger Vergé, Chef of the legendary Moulin de Mougins, Michel Guérard, one of the longest-standing 3-star chefs in France, or Alain Chapel and his famous establishment in Mionnay.

Arnaud Lallement is such a demanding cook that every dish was carefully thought, repeated, so his kitchen teams knows exactly what he wants. Over the years, he focus on the essential, purifies ingredients, finds the winning combination with an incredible hidden technique.

His method concentrates on the essential: the taste. “Mangez vrai!” is his favorite motto. Every flavor is marked, with two major constants on which the Chef doesn’t compromise: work the most beautiful product and respect an adequate acidity to give the desire to repeat the experience.

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