Edgar Núñez

Edgar Núñez – From an early age, chef Edgar Núñez developed a taste for vegetables by inheritance from his mother. Since then, that culinary inclination has become a guiding principle of his gastronomic proposal, which he calls Mexican vegetable cuisine. At the same time, he is a chef who seeks to explore the infinite possibilities offered by a good product, from the one he gets in the garden of his restaurant and the Xochimilco’s chinampas to the fish and shellfish from other Mexican regions.

He is a member of a generation of Mexican chefs who seek to position the modern Mexican gastronomy worldwide, seeking as a basis the root of tradition and modernity itself, with a philosophy of knowledge, study of the recipes and techniques, having as principle the discipline and the transmission.

The chef is a member of ACADEMIE CULINAIRE DE FRANCE and the Mexican Kitchen Collective AC.

Sud 777

Blvd. de la Luz #777

Jardines del Pedregal 01900

Alvaro Obregón, Distrito Federal, Mexico





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