Karime Lopez

Karime Lopez – originally from Mexico, began her career in 2007 at Enrique Olvera’s famed Pujol in Mexico City, and her tenure included a stage at the famed Noma restaurant in Denmark. Post Pujol and after training at the prestigious Ryugin in Tokyo with chef Seiji Yamamoto, she joined chef Virgilio Martinez Véliz in Peru. Originally starting as head chef at his now-closed Senzo restaurant in Cusco, Peru, she moved two years ago to the flagship, Central. Currently, she heads the R&D at Central under the Mater Initiativa while working the daily service and traveling around the world with Véliz to cooking events and congresses.

She’s a girl without borders, in terms of curriculum, personal life, and her following training at Osteria Francescana in Modena. She perfectly represents Italy with its strong roots but open to the outside world (it’s the world that’s celebrating Italian food, not Italy that’s looking for crutches around the world). She’s a person capable of absorbing and embellishing, of learning from the outside and presenting an improved, refined, original offer.

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

P.za della Signoria, 10,

50122 Firenze FI,






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