Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez – New Candidates 2023

Javier Rodriguez

El Papagayo

He came from Santiago del Estero to revolutionize Cordoban gastronomy forever. Javier Rodriguez is a chef and traveler, who has trained from a very young age in some of the most renowned restaurants in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Latin America.

The beginnings and influence on quality gastronomy in the City of Córdoba.

That first contact with the kitchen did not germinate at the moment. When he finished school, he decided to move to Córdoba to study law. He completed the first three years and began to intersperse his stays in the Mediterranean province with trips to work in kitchens from different parts of the world. He lived in Singapore, Australia, England and Denmark, places that taught him not only to cook but also to observe.

“I think my learning goes beyond cooking. I think I’m a normal cook, but with a broader vision. Having seen so many things and having experienced in so many restaurants shaped me.”

On his return to Argentina, he settled in the beautiful city of Córdoba to open the restaurant El Papagayo. He impacted not only the quality of its gastronomy, but also brought the warmth of its service, and found a way to involve local design and art.

In the second stage, together with his team, he opened new concepts and restaurants in Córdoba, which, like El Papagayo, quickly gained recognition and were adopted by the people of Cordoba as symbols of quality gastronomy.

Instagram: @javierelpapagayo @elpapagayo69
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElPapagayoRestaurant
Restaurant web site: https://www.elpapagayo.com.ar/
Restaurant address: Arturo M. Bas 69, X5000KLB Córdoba, Argentina

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