Errico Recanati

Errico Recanati – New Candidates 2023

Errico Recanati


Cooking is a natural element of his life – maybe that’s why he recognizes his passion later: he grew up in his grandmother Andreina’s restaurant, side by side with his mother Ave.

Just one “panna cotta” and the fire of the passion started to burn.

That was the first recipe that the young 22yo Errico Recanati tried to cook and since then he never left cooking, becoming soon Andreina’s official Sous Chef. He learned techniques and basic knowledge of real traditional cooking of the Marche region, both meat and fish.

Studies and work experience began: Errico attended courses at the “Etoile School” and got internships with Gianfranco Vissani, Pietro Leemann of the “Joya” and Martin Dalsass of Ristorante Talvo. During those years he worked hard with passion and tirelessly, taking the place of his grandmother and with the help of his mother Ave.

“Past & future is like – & +, combining & canceling I would get to real cooking. And I found the meeting point between past-present-future-truths in its primordial cooking skewer and grill: nothing more primitive and current. I’m working hard to re-evaluate this area yet so little explored.”

That’s how grown the idea of “neorural” cooking: where the tradition blends with new techniques and modern research.

“A dish is taste and nature, where you talk about the truth of the ingredients. It’s the only way to express the simplicity and in fact, I’m working more and more with just a few ingredients.”

Chef Errico Recanati’s selections for the raw materials quality, producers, and new techniques, always supported by a primordial way of cooking with skewer and grill, brought the old barroom to receive prestigious awards.

“A dish must excite all generations to generate a memory: if this doesn’t happen, we won’t generate LIFE! That’s why I’m looking for a cooking without age, who takes out from fads and close to the heart of each of us.”

Instagram: @erricorecanati @ristorante.andreina
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Via Buffolareccia, 14, 60025 Loreto AN, Italy

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