Tõnis Siigur

Tõnis Siigur – New Candidates 2023

Tõnis Siigur

NOA Chef’s Hall

Executive chef and restaurateur Tõnis Siigur has more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant business. Tõnis has been managing and leading numerous restaurants that have been voted the best restaurants locally and regionally.

Siigur Restaurants is a family of 8 restaurants, each of them with a unique concept, housed in separate buildings, and all but one located by the seaside.

“We are known for showcasing local ingredients and techniques however we also fully embrace our travels. The experience gathered is infused into the menus to bring Estonia culinarily closer to the rest of the world. The flagship of our family NOA Chef’s Hall.”

NOA is located by the sea with a view of the silhouette of the old town of Tallinn. The kitchen is best described as international and open-minded – inspired by the travels around the world. The materials used for the interior are mostly natural, wood being the main element in NOAs cozy yet eclectic interior. 

When you arrive at NCH, you forget about everyday life and the journey into a mysterious and long-awaited world begins. An evening with gastronomic adventure, unique wine selection, and caring service.

Extraordinary from start to finish, demanding your full attention. Even the smallest details are custom-made, and the staff is hand-picked by ultimate professionals.

“Simply promising to deliver you an immersive and unforgettable fine-dining experience by serving meticulously prepared dishes accompanied by an exhilarating wine selection. And the reward? Pure elevation.”

Instagram: @tonissiigur @noachefshall
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noachefshall/
Restaurant web site: https://nch.ee/
Restaurant address: Ranna tee 3, 12111 Tallinn, Estonia

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