Pablo Rivero

Pablo Rivero – the current owner and youngest member of Rivero founders was in his 20s when the restaurant opened and it’s said that his mother, father and grandfather, all of whom had backgrounds in beef farming and butchery, helped create the restaurant to give Pablo a job.

In the centre of Palermo, one of Buenos Aires’ oldest neighbourhoods, sits perhaps the most celebrated Parrilla establishment in Argentina – Don Julio. Opened in 1992. the restaurant was created by three generations of one family.

Parrilla, the Argentinian method of barbecuing, has become ingrained into the cultural and culinary DNA of its country. Its people’s collective love of this philosophy of beef and fire can be seen throughout the land, from its roadsides to its rich country houses. And it’s for this reason that Argentina has formed a reputation as the world’s number one destination for beef.

Don Julio

Guatemala 4691,

Palermo Viejo, C.A.B.A.,


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