Giovanni Solofra

Giovanni Solofra – New Candidates 2023

Giovanni Solofra

Tre Olivi Paestum

Giovanni Solofra, born in Salerno, has great experiences in important cuisines such as Heinz Beck, Quique Dacosta and Ciccio Sultano, has at his side his partner in life, Roberta Merolli, chef patisserie of Tre Olivi and longtime collaborator of Heinz Beck.

Once in Paestum, they decided to study the excellence of the Cilento, the Slow Food ‘’Praesidia’’ and the so many uniqueness that have made of this area the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet. The result of this research is a menu characterized by a strong appeal.

In 2019, the new project is restaurant Tre Olivi, inside the Savoy Beach Hotel in Paestum, an extremely important archaeological site, recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, one of the most visited Italian places by tourists from all over the world.

A restaurant that ties its concept with the importance of its old roots uses the olive tree as its symbol, a plant that the ancient Greeks considered sacred. 

A tribute to Cilento a unique place for lovers of culinary excellence. In this strip of land, the homeland of Parmenides and Zeno, diet, eating well, has always been a philosophy. Here, where Western philosophical thought was born, people have always reasoned about the importance of eating well to feel good, mentally and physically.

Focused on Cilento and on The Mediterranean Way

The Mediterranean Diet is the key point for the Restaurant Tre Olivi, where the chefs want to exalt all the colors and scents of the Mediterranean, a reference that is possible to catch, starting from the furniture made using olive trees, this diet.

It is no coincidence that the world-renowned cardiologist Ancel Keys decided to settle in this very land to study the eating habits of its inhabitants and learn the secrets of their longevity. The results of these studies have created a global revolution leading the scientist to coin the expression Mediterranean Diet.

“La scatola dei bottoni” (The box of buttons) is the title of one of his new gastronomic itinerary, also the name of one of the courses. A container of memories, memories, dear places, a gastronomic journey in the Cilento area with its rituals and traditions.

Instagram: @giovannisolofra @ristorantetreolivi
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Savoy Beach Hotel, Via Poseidonia, 41, 84063 Paestum Capaccio SA, Italy

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