Davide Oldani

Davide Oldani – New Candidates 2023

Davide Oldani


Davide Oldani opened his restaurant D’O in 2003 in his hometown of Cornaredo, near Milan, which placed him in a select group of the greatest chefs of the contemporary food scene. 

His deep attention to every detail in a meal, from the cooking itself to affordability, made him one of the most creative and acclaimed Italian chefs and one of the most fascinating thinkers in the Italian food environment nowadays. He goes further in creating a culinary experience that includes designing objects which make guests’ stay even more pleasant.

Before opening his own restaurant Davide worked with many acclaimed chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi, Alain Ducasse, and Pierre Hermé. 

“We are cooks and we have to remember this. It is our job to nourish, the best way we know how and to make whoever is seated at our table feel welcome and looked after so that when they go home they are happy about the way they ate and the experience. Even before they leave the restaurant, they should have the desire to come back. As they leave the restaurant, they should already have a sense of nostalgia.”

In 2016 he inaugurated a restaurant in Manila and opened his new D’O at Cornaredo, an evolution of the previous one, where he will be able to create “greater” cuisine, able to be measured against the other cuisines of our country and not only. 

The Cucina POP concept creator.

“My Cucina POP comes from the desire to blend the essential with the well-made, to create something good that is accessible, to combine tradition with innovation. I am convinced that the greatness of Italian cuisine lies – not only in the variety and flavors – but also because it is open to continuous re-interpretation: I have done this with simplicity, giving importance to each ingredient and having seasonal products and quality as the foundation of my cuisine. On these two cornerstones, I have added the principle that guides me in the preparation of each dish: the search for harmony by balancing contrasting elements, which for me means not only the promise of sweetness in something savory and a “memory” of savory in something sweet but also the harmonious co-existence in each dish of elements that stimulate the palate, crisp, soft, hot, cold, sweet, bitter…”

All of these elements come together for a cuisine that is light but flavourful, healthy but varied, simple but surprising. To complete the idea of Cucina POP are the elements of passion and continuous research, fundamental teamwork and hospitality. Sober but elegant, our concept of hospitality is based on the conviction that beauty is also functional, as are all the exclusive objects that have been created for our guests.

Instagram: @davideoldani
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DODavideOldani?fref=ts
Restaurant web site: https://www.cucinapop.do/en/d-o
Restaurant address: Piazza della Chiesa, 14, 20010 San Pietro all’Olmo, Cornaredo MI, Italy

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