Eneko Atxa

Eneko Atxa


Eneko Atxa was born in 1977 in Amorebieta, Biscay, in a working family that was closely tied to the kitchen. He studied at the hospitality school in Leioa. However, Eneko had already made his first steps in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother.

A sea of authenticity

He began his career at the Baserri Maitea restaurant and passed through many other great restaurant kitchens such as the restaurant Martin Berasategui. Eneko was head chef at the Etxebarri restaurant and later at Andra Mari where he considers he become a “professional” chef. In 2005 Chef Eneko started his personal challenge by opening Azurmendi restaurant in Larrabetzu, Biscay.

“The Azurmendi restaurant is the place where our culture, customs, and way of doing things walk together towards the future. A sea of ​​authenticity where you feel the tradition and the cutting edge. The essence, intensity, and flavor of my cuisine”.

Eneko Atxa

Eneko Atxa‘s cooking is a journey in time, from yesterday to tomorrow, the love for traditions, crafts, and the contemporary, towards a place simply called pleasure. Landmark pleasure.

Connecting with nature

The Azurmendi restaurant was designed and built with a priority on sustainability, a fundamental pillar of the Eneko Atxa philosophy. The building’s design allows it to generate a space where the limits are broken. Here, modern architecture mixes with nature.

Instagram: @enekoatxa @azurmendi_atxa
Restaurant: https://enekoatxa.com/
Restaurant address: Barrio Legina s/n (48195) Larrabetzu, Bizkaia, Spain

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